MBA Community Grants
The MBA now has an application process for the awarding of community grants. These gifts are eligible to be given to organizations who meet the following guidelines:

The organization seeking funding must be Mishawaka-based or it must directly benefit/impact Mishawaka residents or businesses.

The organization seeking funding must be a 501c3 organization and must present with this application a copy of their certification of Not-for-Profit status and a statement of financial condition.

This application must be completed in its entirety by an officer or delegate of the organization and must be received by the deadline(s) stated on the application. Certain “emergency” requests that arrive outside of the stated deadlines may be entertained by the MBA Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis.

The MBA will award a limited number of grants yearly not to exceed $500 per grant. Each organization will be allowed consideration for one award per calendar year.

Recipients will be required to return documentation to the MBA Board of Directors regarding the actual use of the grant and the results that were achieved as a result of that award.

The Mishawaka Business Association is supported by the Mishawaka business community. Our desire is to share from our abundance and give back to the Mishawaka community’s businesses, families and individuals who are in need through grant awards to organizations who serve to meet those needs. Throughout the years we have proudly supported numerous area organizations with grant awards and we look forward to continuing to assist in this manner in the future.

You may fill out the form HERE to apply for a grant.